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This is a site which is full of thoughts, musings and a variety of reflections that are simply the property of the owner, in other words, ME!

"Me" is also known as Robin, Mom, Sunshine, and even sometimes PITA (by those who know and love me best) - but I've always been a student of life.

Admittedly, sometimes I've been dragged through it kicking and screaming, other times with a lot of smiles and laughter but one thing is for sure, I'm eternally a student.

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Sometimes, I've been a storyteller, with tales of what living is all about, but the descriptions are all mine. I've got a lifetime of experiences to share, some of them fun, some of them unpleasant at best. What motivates me to speak? Well.. I suppose that its a little bit of leaving my own mark in the world, a little bit of providing information that might help somebody else who could really use it at the moment, and maybe just a little bit of ego to talk about me and those nearest and dearest to me!

Perhaps you will find this cornucopia of information here alternatively funny, enlightening, useful, endearing or maddening and hopefully mostly a lot of fun! Add into this mixture of mine some educational tidbits, entertaining stories, and some thought-provoking elements and you just earned yourself a picture of who IAM and what I am like. Facets of a crystal is a good way to describe it!

Ultimately, I hope you enjoy your stay... Namaste!

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